2015 Texas Speaker of the House Election

AUSTIN, TX – On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature began its 2015 session, opening with the election the Speaker of the Texas House. It was a race between the incumbent Speaker Joe Straus (HD-121) from San Antonio and State Rep. Scott Turner (HD-33) from Rockwall.

This was the first contested Speaker’s race since 1975, but with the backing of 85% of the House, Speaker Straus won his re-election for Speaker. There were 128 votes for Straus and 19 for Turner. Prior to the vote, there were 8 speeches made: 4 for Straus and 4 for Turner.

Turner has been campaigning for the past year and has said that he would continue to campaign up until the vote, even if the race was not considered competitive.

Turner has said the top priority of this session should be border security, but Straus has said that traffic and tax-relief is a priority of the session. With Texas as the world’s 14th largest economy, supporters of Straus have said that we need a steady hand to lead the Texas House.


Kari Lane
Chairman, Texas Federation of College Republicans