2017 New State Officer Board

The Most Diverse Republican State Board in the Country

SAN MARCOS, Texas-April 8, 2017-The Texas Federation of College Republicans gathered for their annual spring convention to elect a new state board to serve the Federation. After listening to candidates speak, delegates to the convention voted and elected the most diverse College Republican State Board in the entire country. Three out of the four state officer board positions – a majority – are now occupied by minorities. Here is the new state leadership! 


2017 – 2018 State Officer Board 

Chairman – Marivious Allen

Vice Chairman – Jonah Wendt

Secretary – Shalom Soman

Treasurer – Shawn Bhatia

Regional Vice Chairs

South – Manfred Wendt

East – Fidel Luna

Central – William Pritchard

North – Asher Ang

West – Megan McMillan

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is privileged to see its leadership reflecting the minority groups it represents. The newly elected state board will continue to contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party in Texas on college and university campuses statewide.

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. Thank you to Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown for swearing in this state board for a one-year term. College Republicans has produced more prominent conservative activists than any other organization in the country, and will continue to do so.