TXFCR Constitution 2018

The Constitution of the Texas Federation of College Republicans


We, as students determined to achieve a better understanding of the government process, to increase student awareness of contemporary issues, to promote student involvement in the community, local, and national government, to teach the rights and privileges inherent in a representative democracy to the youth as voters, to encourage leadership and responsibility among college students in the Republican Party, and to further the election of Republican candidates, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Texas Federation of College Republicans (TFCR).


Section 1

The TFCR is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, and as such will support and promote its principles. Furthermore, the TFCR considers itself affiliated with the College Republican National Committee.

Section 2

The TFCR’s objectives are:

to contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party in Texas on college and university campuses by educating and recruiting students to be members of both the TFCR and the Republican Party;

to serve as a liaison between College Republican chapters, State and

National campaigns, and other Republican organizations;

to support and participate in the formation of the principles and policies of the Republican Party;

to aid in the election of Republicans at all levels of government;

to develop leadership skills and abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service to the party and to the community.

ARTICLE II: Regional Structure

Section 1

The TFCR shall be divided by counties into five Regions, which shall be outlined in Appendix A of this Constitution.

Election of Regional Vice Chairmen shall be by simple majority vote of chapter chairs or designees from said Region and must occur during the annual convention but after the election of the State Officer Board. In the event that a Region has not elected a Regional Vice Chairman during this time period, the Vice Chairman may cast the deciding vote for the Regional Vice Chairman of said area.

The Regional Vice Chairman may be removed at any time by a 2/3 vote of the Chapters in said Region. In such a case, the State Vice Chair may appoint an acting Regional Vice Chair to serve until a regional election can be held at the next SCREC or State Convention as laid out previously in subsection A.

It shall be the duty of the Regional Vice Chairmen:

To supervise and assist chapters within their region who wish to join the TFCR, as well as guide in the formation of new chapters within their region.

To supervise and assist all individual chapters or groups of chapters in organizing single chapter, inter-chapter and regional events (issuebased, campaign, and community service).

To be the general contact person for any TFCR information needed by the chapters.

To establish an alumni base for their region, and assist the Vice Chairman in the establishment of a state-wide alumni base.

To establish events to bring together students and alumni.

To help individual chapters in furthering their alumni goals.

To be responsible for any such duties that the Chairman deems necessary for achieving the objectives of the TFCR within their Region.

Regional Vice Chairmen shall be required to attend 50% of the SCREC meetings and the state convention during the year they hold that position. A Regional Vice Chairman who does not meet this requirement will not be eligible to hold the position of Regional Vice Chairman during the next year.

Each Region shall adopt its own set of bylaws, which will govern the Region and are subject to the TFCR State Constitution. Such Bylaws shall be submitted to the Secretary of the TFCR no later than 30 days after the approval of the bylaws by the Region’s Chapters.

In cases involving area bylaws, chapters may appeal to the State Vice Chair.

Article III Charter Requirements

Section 1

The charter requirements, which must be submitted by a Chapter:

Chapter members in good standing must be enrolled in the current or previous semester of their respective college or university.

In accordance with CRNC chartering rules, a Super club shall be defined as any Chapter meeting one of the following definitions:

A Chapter having at least 400 members, or

Any Chapter which has 10 percent of their currently enrolled student body as members with this number not to go below 100. All decimals must be rounded up.

This enrollment shall be determined by the number of students reported by that school at the time of chartering and an official, notarized form from the university registrar at said college or university must be sent along with the chartering packet stating the school’s current enrollment.

No club may charter as a Super-club between State Conventions.

Section 2

A credentials committee shall be appointed in accordance with Article VII, Section 12.

Section 3

A chartering committee shall be appointed by the newly elected State Chairman before the first called SCREC meeting, for the purpose of chartering new chapters outside of the annual convention.

Section 4

In order to be eligible for consideration by the TFCR credentialing process, a chapter’s members must:

Be currently enrolled students at the University/College where the chapter is federated.

All requirements of membership must be renewed annually to expire at the convening of the annual TFCR state convention.

All above-mentioned membership requirements apply only for TFCR credentialing purposes; chapters may define membership as they see fit for their own internal purposes.

Section 5

Any federated chapter may chose to leave the TFCR through official means by submitting a petition signed by 2/3 of the chapter officers, the chapter sponsors, and a majority vote of any regularly scheduled chapter meeting. The Chairman of the TFCR and the chapter’s Regional Vice Chairman must be notified one (1) week before the vote, and the State must be allowed to have a representative of the TFCR to speak to the assembled membership and the chapter advisor.

Section 6

Any federated chapter will be automatically considered inactive after two (2) full semesters of non-attendance to TFCR events.

Inactive chapters loose the power to vote, be counted in quorum, and lose all TFCR benefits.

Section 7

Any individual enrolled in the current semester of a Texas college or university may seek associate member status with the TFCR. An associate member may not run for any state office or vote in any TFCR elections.


Section 1

State Officers:

There shall be four (4) TFCR state officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. There may also be an Executive Director and Directorate, including but not limited to Political Director, Fundraising Director, Public Relations Director, and Director of Technologies, appointed by the State Chairman and confirmed by a simple majority of the State Officer Board.

At the time of their election, or at the time of their appointment to fill a vacancy, each state officer or director must be a member in good standing with their college chapter and enrolled in an accredited college or university. They must have completed one long academic term as a member of their college chapter prior to the time of their election to state office or appointment to fill a vacancy. Their membership must meet the requirements of Article III, Section 4.

All state officers must continue to be members in good standing with a federated college chapter unless they graduate after completing one long academic term following their election or appointment to fill a vacancy.

In light of a transfer between two Texas academic institutions during an officer’s term, the officer may complete their term in the absence of a federated chapter at the new institution upon SCREC approval.

A long academic term is defined as one semester, one trimester, or two quarters.

Section 2

The 4 officers enumerated in the previous section, as well as the 5 Regional Vice Chairmen established in Article II, section 1, shall constitute the State Officer Board of the TFCR, which shall meet at the call of the chairman with not less than 14 days written notice. The call to the meeting must originate from the chairman and the US Postal Service’s postmark or the electronic header of an email shall serve as the date of call. The State Officer Board may meet by telephone conference call with not less than 7 days notice.

Section 3

Each officer, elected or appointed, must create and regularly maintain a Manual of Standard Operating

Procedures. These Manuals will exist as a log of all activities for each office, and must

be passed from administration to administration in order to facilitate communication and continuity of TFCR events, programs and activism.

Section 4

The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the TFCR. It shall be the duty of the Chairman:

to call meetings of the State Officer Board as provided in Section 2 of this Article, to call SCREC meetings as provided by Article V, Section 4, and to issue the call of the Annual Convention including the date, location and delegate registration fee adopted by the SCREC under Article V, Section 1;

to be the official spokesperson for the TFCR in all forms and capacities, including fundraising;

to supervise the programs of the TFCR, to sign contracts for the TFCR, co-sign financial contracts for the TFCR, and to supervise the preparation and filing of all reports required by law to be sent by the TFCR to government agencies;

to arrange for the provision of all financial information necessary in the performance of his/her duty to the Treasurer;

to arrange with the Secretary to maintain an official TFCR record which must include all records, attendance roles, votes, and event planning;

to preside over all meetings of the SCREC, all meetings of the State

Officer Board, and all sessions of the annual convention;

to appoint committees he/she deems necessary for achieving the objectives of the TFCR;

to oversee creation of and maintain all ties between the TFCR and the Board of Trustees; and

to serve as an Ex-Officio member of all committees.

It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chairman:

to preside over all meetings in the absence of the Chairman; and

to be responsible for the oversight of voter registration drives and campaign work;

to be responsible for the involvement of the TFCR in rallies and other political activities surrounding Republican elected officials and Republican policies;

to oversee the creation of and maintain ties between the TFCR and the Board of Advisors;

to oversee the creation of and maintain ties between the TFCR and the Alumni Association, including planning events and creating a Alumni Publication, with the assistance of the Secretary and Regional Vice Chairmen; and

to be responsible for any such duties that the chairman deems necessary for achieving the objectives of the TFCR.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary:

to record the minutes of all meetings of the SCREC and the Annual Convention, incorporate the treasurer’s report into the minutes, and provide copies of the minutes taken at all such meetings to all members of the SCREC within 14 days of the meeting or convention;

to compile, organize, and make available to each member of the State Officer Board a listing of all publications, organizations, and Party and elected officials which assist the TFCR by August 1 of each year;

to forward all updated chapter chairman contact information to the Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman;

to make available copies of the TFCR constitution and lists of updated contact information at all meetings of the SCREC;

to oversee the creation of and maintain the TFCR Official Record which must include all records, attendance roles, votes, and event planning information, as

well as the manuals of standard operating procedure created previously in Section 3;

to assist the Vice Chairman in maintaining the Alumni Association by keeping attendance roles of all meetings and events and assisting the

Regional Vice Chairmen in compiling Alumni contact information;

to receive intent to run forms from any candidate wishing to run for state office, and

to submit all SCREC attendance records to the Credentials Committee for the purposes of convention voting; and

to be responsible for any such duties that the Chairman deems necessary for achieving the objectives of the TFCR.

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer:

to maintain the financial records of the TFCR;

to present a written, sworn, and notarized financial report including revenue, expenditures, accounts payable, and a financial balance of the TFCR at each meeting of the SCREC and the annual convention; the treasurer’s financial report must be disclosed to the attendees of the SCRECs and annual convention with or without the treasurer’s attendance; in addition this report must be presented to federated chapter chairs via e-mail within seven calendar days of a SCREC or State Convention;

to supervise the raising of funds for the TFCR, to expend funds in accordance with the budget as approved by the SCREC, and to cosign financial contracts; and

to be responsible for any such duties that the Chairman deems necessary for achieving the objectives of the TFCR.

It shall be the duty of the Executive Director (if applicable):

to work with the officers in the discharge of their duties;

to supervise the implementation of projects and programs;

to serve as a non-voting member of the State Officer Board and SCREC;

to act as an office manager; and

to ensure a timely selection of SCREC locations and

times. F. It shall be the duty of the Appointed Directorate:

to fulfill any and all duties given by the Chairman;

to work with the officers in the discharge of their duties; and

to serve as non-voting members of the State Officer Board and SCREC.

Section 5

The State Officer Board shall be elected by a majority vote of delegates and proxies present at the annual state convention.

Section 6

Vacancies in any of the offices defined in Section 1 of this Article, except the Chairman, may be filled temporarily by a majority vote of the State Officer Board. Temporary officers shall perform the duties of their respective offices until the convening of the next SCREC meeting or the adjournment of the Annual convention, whichever is sooner. Upon an open election by a majority of the SCREC during the order of business of the next official meeting of the SCREC, such state officers shall complete the un-expired terms of the persons elected to those offices at the most recent Annual Convention. If the Chairman’s office is vacated, the Vice-Chairman shall become the Chairman.

Section 7

Terms of the new state officers shall begin at the close of the Annual convention.

Section 8

No College Republican may hold the same office for more than two years. In the event that a College Republican has filled a vacancy in accordance with Article IV, Section 5, the partial term will not count towards the two-year limit.


Section 1

The governing body of the TFCR between State Conventions shall be the State College Republican Executive Committee (SCREC).

Section 2

Voting Rights for SCREC shall be extended to each State Board Officer and to a maximum of ten

(10) members of each federated chapter as chosen by the chapter chairman; however, chapters will only receive one vote for each of their members present at SCREC.

Section 3

The quorum for any SCREC meeting shall be 1/4 of the voting membership, not to be less than six.

Section 4

There shall be no less than 30 days written notice given to all members of the SCREC of any SCREC meeting. The only exception to this being for any SCREC meeting that will fall between state convention and the end of the spring semester. In this case, the meeting time and place will be given within 7 days of the close of the state convention. It shall, however, be the duty of each member of the SCREC to notify the Secretary of any change of address. The calling of any meeting must originate from the State Chairman, and the United States Postal Service postmark or the header of an electronic mail message shall serve as the date of call.

Section 5

The rules on SCREC Proxies shall be:

If no member of a chapter is in attendance at SCREC and said chapter’s school is more than 350 linear miles from the SCREC site, the chapter may proxy its vote to either it’s Regional Vice Chairman or the Chairman of another chapter within its Region.

The State Officer Board may extend a proxy to a school within the 350 mile radius if a chapter provides in writing a compelling reason within 14 days of the called SCREC.

No SCREC member or Regional Vice Chairman may carry more than two proxies.

All proxies must be written, lawfully sworn, and entered into the minutes.

Any school that proxies it’s vote shall be awarded an attendance of one (1) for the purposes the attendance formula towards convention votes.

Section 6

The SCREC shall convene once in the fall semester. The fall meeting shall be held on a weekend during the month of September or October and will be scheduled at the discretion of the state chairman. If the chairman so desires to hold the meeting at a different time, it shall require the approval of 2/3 of the state officers. However, the meeting shall not be held earlier than September or during the final exam schedule of any TCR chapter. The chairman shall follow all requirements laid out in Article V Section 4 when scheduling the Fall SCREC Meeting.

Section 7

The SCREC shall be considered called upon receipt by the Chairman of a petition of a majority of the voting members of the SCREC, said meeting to be held at the time and place stipulated in the petition. The petition shall be valid only if said petition is made, as evidenced by postmark or other evidence, no less than 30 days prior to the date of the petitioned meeting. This petition must be sent to the State Chairman by, “Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.”

Section 8

For purposes of electing delegates to the College Republican National Convention, only SCREC members other than the TFCR State Officers may vote. Delegates to the College Republican National Convention shall be nominated and elected by the SCREC immediately preceding the national registration deadline that occurs in the same calendar year as the date that the College Republican National Convention convenes. At least twice the amount of delegates allowed shall be nominated. SCREC members shall vote for the number of delegate and alternate spaces allowed, and those with the highest number of votes shall be delegates. The SCREC shall establish

the number of alternate spaces allowed. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 9

No more than one SCREC meeting may be held in the same Region during a school year, and all Regions must be considered equally.

Section 10

In order to charter at any time other than the Annual Convention, a chapter must submit to it’s respective Regional Vice Chairman all information required by Article III, Section 1, excluding chartering fee. The RVC for the prospective chapter’s region shall meet with the prospective chapter to perform an evaluation. The RVC shall then make a recommendation to the Chartering Committee. Once the required information and recommendation have been submitted, all information must be verified by the Chartering Committee and then the chapter must be voted in by a majority of the Chartering Committee within one (1) week of the recommendation.

Section 11

In addition to the SCREC there shall be four (4) standing committees; Convention, Resolutions, Fundraising, and Chartering.

Section 12

The State Officer Board shall appoint all federated chapters to at least one standing committee.

Section 13

The responsibilities of the Standing Committees shall include:

Convention -Arrange, plan, and coordinate State Conventions. Committee shall only have the power to plan two (2) conventions in advance.

Resolutions -Shall have the power to recommend resolutions that reflect the views of the SCREC.

Fundraising-Shall have the power to raise and coordinate the fundraising efforts of the CRLSS, under the management of the Chairman and the appointed Fundraising Director (if applicable).

Chartering -Shall have the power to view and audit credentials of chapters in accordance with the procedures laid out in Article VII, Section 12 for all chapters who wish to charter between state conventions.

Each standing committee shall be required to give a report at each SCREC.


Section 1

Any member of the State Officer Board may be removed from office on the basis of failure to fulfill his/her assigned duties as designated by this Constitution or by exhibiting conduct unbecoming of an officer as deemed by the SCREC.

A majority of the State Board, Regional Vice Chairmen or Chapter Chairmen may petition for the removal of a State Officer.

A majority of Chapter Chairmen within the Region may petition for the removal of a Regional Vice Chairman

A retention election shall occur as the first piece of business for the next called SCREC or regional meeting. The officer in question shall officially be removed from office with a majority vote of those in attendance.

If any officer is removed from office, a replacement shall be elected immediately following Article IV, Section Six of this Constitution.

Section 2

Any member of the State Officer Board who has two (2) unexcused absences at a SCREC meeting shall be automatically removed from his position without a vote of the SCREC and the Chairman shall notify the officer in writing of the action within seven days of the meeting. The SCREC may determine whether an absence is excused at the next SCREC meeting following the absence.


Section 1

The State Convention of the TFCR shall be held annually, on a weekend in March or April. All presently chartered Chapters shall be notified in writing no less than 30 days in advance of the Convention.

Section 2

The business of the Convention shall include election of State Officers, Regional Caucuses for the purpose of election of Regional Vice Chairmen, amending the Constitution, passing resolutions of the TFCR, and any other SCREC business.

Section 3

A convention committee shall be charged to find a location and plan for the following two state conventions. At the first constitutionally called SCREC of the new administration the committee shall present a location recommendation to be approved by a simple majority of the SCREC. Members to the convention committee shall be appointed according to Article V, Section Twelve.

Section 4

The number of votes for a single Chapter shall not exceed 20, excluding the at-large vote given to chapters. All duly chartered Chapters of the TCR attending the TCR State Convention shall be entitled to a minimum of two (2) delegates each and shall be awarded additional delegates in the following manner:

Each chapter shall be entitled votes equaling their attendance at the Fall SCREC meeting, including State Officers. This number of votes may not exceed ten (10).

Each chapter shall also be entitled to a maximum of 10 votes based upon:

One (1) vote for every 25 credentialed members; or

One (1) vote for every one percent credentialed of currently enrolled undergraduates at their respective college or university, in accordance with the procedures laid out in Article III, Section 1 for determining school enrollment.

Section 5

Each chapter may have one (1) alternate for every vote they are entitled.

Section 6

There shall be no proxies allowed at the TFCR State Convention.

Section 7.

Section 8

The quorum for a TFCR State Convention shall be the delegates present.

Section 9

The TFCR State Convention Committees shall include:

The temporary committees: Rules, Credentials, Awards, Resolutions, Constitution.

Section 10

The State Chairman shall appoint all Committee Chairmen, unless otherwise specified within this Constitution.

Section 11

The Temporary Committees shall consist of one member from each region, unless otherwise specified in this Constitution, who shall be appointed by the Regional Vice Chairman of that region.

Section 12

The number of delegates which each Chapter is entitled at the TFCR State Convention shall be approved by the Credentials Committee, with the permanent roll subject to the approval of the body of the convention.

All chartering materials received shall be retained by the Credentials committee until the close of the convention and then turned in to the newly elected State Chairman.

Each Regional Vice Chairman will appoint a representative from their respective area to serve on the Credentials Committee. State Officers and Regional Vice Chairmen may not serve on the Credentials Committee. The term of the committee members will expire at the close of the annual convention.

Any revisions to delegate forms and all attendee fees must be postmarked no later than the deadline set by the State Chairman. Forms and fees postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted.

The Credentials Committee reserves the right to verify and adjust the number of delegate votes awarded to a chapter in accordance to the validity of the credentialing materials submitted by that chapter.

Credentials Committee shall be appointed no later than the close of the SCREC prior to the deadline for state convention credentials.

The Credentials Committee shall meet 15-30 days prior to the state convention in order to begin the following credentialing process:

The committee will elect a moderator, within the committee, by majority vote of the committee members to oversee committee meetings.

The moderator will assign credentialing responsibilities to committee members. A committee member shall not review a chapter from his or her Region.

Committee members will compare the submitted credentialing roster with the submitted TFCR registration forms to verify conformity of numbers.

Committee members will then attempt to contact at random no less than 25% of the members listed on the credentialing roster. A minimum of 10% of members must be reached successfully.

Committee members will provide a detailed report to the committee of the credentialing verification.

In the event of a patterned discrepancy among the chapter’s roster, the committee will vote on whether further review is necessary.

Upon conclusion of chapter review, the committee will award delegate votes which will reflect any discrepancies determined by the committee.

Upon conclusion of the credentialing committee decision, chapters and state officers will be notified by the moderator of delegate votes awarded, no later than 15 days before convention.

Each chapter reserves the right to appeal any decisions made by the committee.

In case of appeal of the committee’s decision, the committee must establish a date for a hearing with the appealing chapters prior the convention, to be presided over by the state chairman.

Section 13

The Rules Committee shall propose any supplementary rules of procedure for the State Convention.

Section 14

The Awards Committee has the authority to grant awards, which will be awarded prior to the close of the State Convention, to individuals and Chapters.

Section 15

The Resolutions Committee shall review and consider any Resolutions submitted by any College Republican and recommend action to the entire body of the Convention.

Section 16

The Constitution Committee shall review the TFCR Constitution, consider any proposed amendments, and recommend action to the entire body of the Convention.

Section 17

For the purpose of conducting the officer elections portion of the State Convention, the State Chairman shall appoint a qualified, unbiased person; this person should eithernot be a member of the TFCR or should be a member from a chapter that has no student running for office.


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised Edition,and its succeeding editions shall be the supreme parliamentary authority of the TFCR. The TFCR shall have the authority to adopt any respective standing rules or special rules of order which are consistent with the philosophy of Parliamentary

Authority. A Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the State Chairman subject to approval by the SCREC at the last SCREC meeting prior to the State Convention.


Section 1

No more than thirty (30) days following the close of the convention the Chairman shall hold a state officer meeting. Items on the agenda will include:

A financial report will be presented.

Plans for fundraising efforts will be discussed and previous and/or current fundraising efforts will be evaluated.

The Chairman shall present a semester budget plan. This budget plan may be amended if needed. Approval or disapproval of a budget plan shall be a majority vote of all officers present.

At the first SCREC meeting of the year, the Chairman shall present a budgetary guide for the coming year.

The TFCR must have a minimum balance of $250 at the end of the State Officer Board’s term. In the event that this provision is not met, the members of the State Officer Board will be reported to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and the College Republican National Committee, as well as the State Republican Executive Committee, and recorded in the TFCR record.

Section 2

Any check or removal of funds shall have the written co-authorization of both the State Chairman and the Treasurer. In the event of the inability of reaching the Chairman, or in an emergency, the Vice Chairman may sign.

Section 3

All expenditures by the Chairman, Treasurer or Vice Chairman must be verbally reported to the State Officer Board within five (5) working days for purposes of reporting amounts and reasoning behind the expenditure.

Any state officer shall be able to request a copy of the receipt for any expenditure.


Section 1

There shall be three TFCR Affiliates: the Board of Trustees, the Board of Advisors, and the TFCR Alumni Association.

Section 2

The Board of Trustees (BOT) shall exist to help raise the profile of the TFCR and its events and programs.

The BOT shall consist of Texas Republican Elected Officials, prominent Republican Party of Texas members, prominent conservative activists, business leaders and donors.

Members of the BOT will be asked to associate their names with our programs and events, and shall be chosen selectively.

Nominees to the BOT may be nominated by any voting member of the SCREC, and shall be vetted jointly by the chairman and the nominating student.

Nominees shall then be voted on and approved by a majority vote of a SCREC.

Members of the BOT shall serve a two (2) year term, with the TFCR having optional reappointment by a majority vote of the SCREC.

Members of the BOT may be removed from the Board, only with due cause, by a 2/3 vote of the SCREC.

All members of the BOT shall be invited free of charge to the Convention Banquet.

Section 3

The Board of Advisors (BOA) shall exist for the purpose of assisting all the members TFCR in activism, planning or administration upon request.

The BOA shall consist of former TFCR officers and activists.

BOA members should be chosen for their abilities and proven experience within the TFCR.

Students and Alumni may be offered into nomination of the BOA by any member of the SCREC only after the nominee has graduated or gone inactive from the TFCR.

Every State Chairman and Chairman of the Year, as voted by the Awards Committee, shall be automatically nominated.

Nominees shall be voted on and approved by a majority vote of at the Convention.

Members of the BOA shall serve a five (5) year term, with the TFCR having the optional reappointment by a majority vote of the SCREC.

All members of the BOA shall be invited free of charge to the Convention Banquet.

Section 4

The TFCR Alumni Association shall exist to retain contact with TFCR Alumni for the purposes or keeping them informed and involved in the events of the TFCR and soliciting donations for the TFCR.

The Alumni Association membership shall consist of all former officers of the TFCR and attendees of TFCR events/SCRECs.

The Secretary, with the assistance of the Regional Vice Chairmen, shall maintain a list of Alumni and shall produce an Alumni Newsletter at least once per semester.

Each Regional Vice Chairman shall be charged with creating events for Alumni in their Region at least once per year.

The Vice Chairman, with the assistance of the BOA shall be charged with creating a state wide event for the Alumni Association once per year.

The Alumni Association may, with the approval of the State Officer Board, create its own bylaws and officer positions as needed.


This constitution, or any provision thereof, may be amended by a 2/3 vote at the annual TFCR State Convention, or by a 2/3 vote of the SCREC at a special Constitutional Convention called for by a 3/5 majority vote of the entire SCREC (not only those present). All Amendments shall be made in the format of an Addendum.


Section 1

This Constitution has requirements for Chapters and Chapter members that are meant to reflect a Chapter’s relations with the TFCR. These requirements are not meant to impose rules and regulations on internal Chapter matters.

Section 2

Electronic mail message or the United States Postal Service may be used for official TFCR correspondence unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated, the United States Postal Service postmark or header of an electronic message will serve as the notification date on all TFCR correspondence.

It shall also be the duty of each SCREC member to notify the Secretary, in writing of any change of physical or electronic address.

Any electronic messages must contain the sender’s name, physical mailing address, and telephone number to be considered valid for official business.

Electronic mail messages in printed form must contain the complete original header.


Dues shall no longer be collected from chapters as a requirement for membership into TFCR. (Ratified March 28, 2009)

Chapters attempting to credential with the TFCR will no longer be required to complete and sign an official TFCR membership registration form. (Ratified March 28, 2009)

Members of individual chapters shall no longer be required to pay any dues to their chapters for TFCR Convention credentials. (Ratified March 28, 2009)

The SCREC shall now only meet once in the fall semester. Selection of the Fall SCREC meeting will be on a rotation basis through all regions in Texas except for the State Convention host region. Regional meetings are not mandatory and will not count towards delegates for State Convention

All chapters will receive a minimum of two votes for the annual State Convention. Additional delegates will be awarded based on attendance at the Fall SCREC and according to credentialed rosters.

If a prospective chapter wishes to federate after the fall meeting, it shall not be required to hold a SCREC; a simple majority of the chartering committee shall suffice. The RVC for the prospective chapter’s region shall meet with the prospective chapter to perform an evaluation. The RVC shall then make a recommendation to the Chartering Committee, to be voted on within one (1) week of the recommendation. (Ratified April 20, 2013)

The Texas College Republicans do hereby change their official name to the Texas Federation of College Republicans

A complete roster of no fewer than 10 members with the full name of each member, valid e-mail address, graduation date and school phone number for each chapter member who appears on the roster. A chapter mailing address, faculty advisor contact information, and a full list of officers shall also be submitted. (Ratified April 14, 2018)

The State Chairman shall establish a strict deadline, that is no less than 30 days prior to the convention, for submitting credentialing materials and delegate rosters for the State Convention. All credentialing materials must be postmarked or submitted by this deadline. In years that College Republican National Committee (CRNC) officers are elected, the deadline for submitting credentialing materials for state convention shall be no later than two weeks before the CRNC credentialing deadline. During these years the second round of submission can occur up to 30 days prior to the TXFCR state convention. (Ratified April 14, 2018)

Inactive chapters will be considered reactivated at the close of either a completed fall conference or a completed spring convention. (Ratified April 14, 2018)

Be it that the State Board will be required to designate a date for spring convention must be decided by December 31st at 11:59 p.m. central time of the previous year. Failure to comply with this amendment is grounds for impeachment of any and all state board members associated. (Ratified March 30, 2019)

Be it that the TXFCR will enact a newsletter and will be committed as a constitutional requirement, where a State Board will be required to publish no less than one edition and no more than six editions per semester. The newsletter will accept submissions to the sitting secretary from members, former members and interested organizations. The State Board will vote upon the submissions for entry into the newsletter with a two-thirds majority and the approved submissions will be edited, structured and organized by the secretary. In the absence of the secretary, newsletter duties fall to the vice-chair. Each final editorialized edition will go before the State Board for a final time before publishing, and will be approved with a simple majority. The newsletter will be distributed via email, social media and print upon request. (Ratified March 30, 2019)

Be it that each departing elected State Board member may have the opportunity to speak for 2 minutes at the closing of the spring convention to reflect upon their time in the TXFCR. Any officer may waive this privilege if they so desire. (Ratified March 30, 2019)

Be it no member of the Texas Federation of College Republicans may hold more than one state, appointed or elected office, at a time and that multiple individuals may not hold the same appointed or elected office within the same term in the Texas Federation of College Republicans. (Ratified March 30, 2019)   

TXFCR Board of Trustees Charter

Purpose of This Charter

This Charter sets out the responsibilities and duties of the TXFCR Board of Trustees.  The Board shall be governed by Article X in the TXFCR Constitution and as laid out in this Charter.  Copies of both shall be found at texas.crnc.org or upon request made to the Federation. Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall:

Follow Article X obligations found in the TXFCR Constitution.

Meet once per academic semester in October and March, either by phone conference or in person as determined by this Board.

Advise the Federation Leadership on election matters and messaging for the Federation.

Be ready to advise Federation Leadership on challenges as they may arise.

Recommend any member of the TXFCR Executive Board and Cabinet to resign if in violation of duties to TXFCR.

Membership within the Board

The Board of Trustees shall:

Be Chaired and called to order by The Executive Director of TXFCR. Consist of no more than 20 members and no less than 10.

Executive Board Rules

Terms for the nominated Board members shall last two years, upon which they may be re-affirmed by the Executive Board for another term.

The Board shall make by-laws for their own governance in respect to the TXFCR Constitution.

A quorum for a meeting shall be determined by this Board.