Texas Federation of College Republicans Wants You!

Texas Federation of College Republicans is committed to actively pushing Republican ideas and causes on campus. We are looking for any individuals who are committed to the Republican Party cause to start chapters on their college campuses to help foster a Republican community and fight for conservative causes.

Want to learn to start a Chapter? Please reach out to our Regionals Vice Chairs to help you get started!

North Regional Vice Chair – Camryn Sutton

West Regional Vice Chair – Carter Estes

Central Regional Vice Chair – Adrian Cooper

South Regional Vice Chair – Matthew Bennet

East Regional Vice Chair – Claudia Borovina


Start A Chapter FAQ

Why Start A Chapter?
College Republican clubs host activist events, play a crucial role in campaigns and enable you to bring prominent conservative voices to speak on your campus. Being a College Republican is fun, rewarding and will help mold you into a community leader.

What Do I Need To Start A Chapter?
A complete roster of no fewer than 10 members with the full name of each member, valid email address, graduation date and phone number for each chapter member who appears on the roster.

Do I Need To Be Enrolled In A College To Start An Organization?
Yes, chapter members in good standing must be enrolled in the current or previous semester of their respective college or university.

Do I Need A Faculty Advisor?
Most campuses require you to have a faculty/staff advisor. Check with your campus activities office to learn more about their guidelines



For any question not answered on this page please refer to the constitution located on the website


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