Welcome Our 2018-2019 Officer Board

Board Members

Sean Jankowski – State Chair

Colin Smith – State Vice Chair

Brayden Woods – State Secretary

Alec Garza – State Treasurer

Regional Vice Chairs

Carter Estes – West

Claudia Borovina – East

Adrian Cooper – Central

Matthew Bennet – South

Camryn Sutton – North

The newly elected state board will continue to contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party in Texas on college and university campuses statewide.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Issue 1


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June 2017 Newsletter

2017 New State Officer Board

The Most Diverse Republican State Board in the Country

SAN MARCOS, Texas-April 8, 2017-The Texas Federation of College Republicans gathered for their annual spring convention to elect a new state board to serve the Federation. After listening to candidates speak, delegates to the convention voted and elected the most diverse College Republican State Board in the entire country. Three out of the four state officer board positions – a majority – are now occupied by minorities. Here is the new state leadership! 


2017 – 2018 State Officer Board 

Chairman – Marivious Allen

Vice Chairman – Jonah Wendt

Secretary – Shalom Soman

Treasurer – Shawn Bhatia

Regional Vice Chairs

South – Manfred Wendt

East – Fidel Luna

Central – William Pritchard

North – Asher Ang

West – Megan McMillan

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is privileged to see its leadership reflecting the minority groups it represents. The newly elected state board will continue to contribute to the growth and influence of the Republican Party in Texas on college and university campuses statewide.

The Texas Federation of College Republicans is an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas. Thank you to Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown for swearing in this state board for a one-year term. College Republicans has produced more prominent conservative activists than any other organization in the country, and will continue to do so.

Congratulations Donald Trump!



2016 TXFCR Board Filings

Please note, if you are running for any of the Regional Vice Chair positions, nominations and voting will take place in your regional meetings, not in the State Business section of our Convention (click here to view the chapters in your region).


State Chair
Nathan Bassetto, UT-Arlington
Matthew Wiltshire, University of Houston
Jessica Browning, Texas A&M University

State Vice Chair
Megan McMillan, Texas Tech University
Joanna Rodriguez, Sam Houston State University
Steven Shedd, Texas Tech University
Zoey Wang, University of Texas at Austin

State Secretary
David Isenhour, Texas A&M University
Asher Ang, Dallas Baptist University
Eric Ochoa, Texas Tech University

State Treasurer
Cannon Tate, Texas A&M University
Shawn Bhatia, University of Houston
Rachael Oury, Baylor University

Mighty Texas Strike Force

Want to be a part of something special? Are you looking to make a difference in 2016? The Texas GOP is looking for people who would like to help Republicans win elections across the entire State of Texas as well as across the country. If you’re interested, please click here.

New State Officer Board, Convention Overview

AUSTIN, TX – On April 11, 2015, Judge Kevin Yeary swore in the 2015 – 2016 State Officer Board at the Texas Capitol. The following individuals were elected by delegates to serve a one-year term:

Karlos Lopez – State Chair (Rice University)

Sara Grove – State Vice Chair (Baylor University)

David Isenhour – State Secretary (Texas A&M University)

William Martinez – State Treasurer (Texas A&M University)


Ziyu Wang – Central RVC (University of Texas at Austin)

Emily Hennig – North RVC (University of North Texas)

Jessica Browning – East RVC (Texas A&M University)

Abby Spencer – West RVC (Texas Tech University)

Joshua Rojas – South RVC (University of Texas Pan-American)

We appreciate the individuals who took time to come out to our convention: Chairman Christi Craddick (Texas Railroad Commission), Chase Campbell (Harris Media, LLC), Toni Anne Dashiell (Republican National Committee), Alex Smith (College Republican National Committee), Brendan Steinhauser (Steinhauser Strategies & Liberty Action Texas) and Judge Kevin Yeary (Texas Court of Criminal Appeals). We also thank Black’s BBQ for catering lunch and Stephen F’s at the Hotel Intercontinental for hosting our official convention social.


We would also like to thank our former State Chair, Kari Lane, for her service to the College Republicans and the Republican Party. We wish her the very best in her future endeavors!


Laying the foundation for victory in 2016!

Abbott Delivers State of the State Address, Emergency Legislative Items Declared

AUSTIN, TX – This past week, Governor Greg Abbott addressed a joint session of the legislature, laying out an ambitious agenda for the remainder of the session.

Among the most pressing issues, Abbott said Texans currently face “the need for better schools, more roads, for border security, better health care, more jobs. They want more liberty and less government, and they deserve ethics reforms.” The Governor also called for tax cuts and vowed to push forward any legislation expanding second amendment rights for Texans.

In his speech, Abbott highlighted five areas as emergency items for the legislature to address. Later in the week, the Governor issued official proclamations granting the legislature the authority to consider measures regarding those issues, specifically: early education, higher education, border security, transportation, and ethics reform.

In regards to higher education, the Governor has supported increased funding to Texas’ universities for the express goals of “enhancing research programs and attracting nationally recognized researchers.” Abbott also called attention to the growing need for improved transportation infrastructure within the state emphasizing its importance to the vitality of the Texas economy.

Typically, the legislature is not able to consider legislation during the first 60 days of session. However, the Governor’s issuance of an emergency item message for the five issues listed above enables the legislature to begin addressing priority legislation earlier than would be ordinarily possible.

Robert Guerra
Legislative Director, Texas Federation of College Republicans